Success Stories

Global Agri Trading company
  1. Multi-dimensional risk analysis leading to huge diversification benefit
  2. Option Analytics, Exotic Derivatives valuation
  3. Black Swan report – what if scenario builder enabled pro-active risk management
  4. Multi-commodity, complex portfolio handling
Leading Palm Player in Asia
  1. Risks management function across value chain
  2. System Study and Reports helped management realign profit centers and their objectives
  3. VaR on each counterparty enabled management to manage default risk arising from the price volatility.
Second largest Palm oil Co
  1. Basis risk from the Price To be Fixed (PTF) contracts
  2. Indirect currency risk
  3. Quick Implementation, smooth transition from legacy systems
Leading edible oil company
  1. Hedge desk set up for upstream & downstream businesses.
  2. Consulting Services Enterprise Risk Management.
  3. TransRisk with Exotic Derivatives enabled for Hedging and Risk Management.
  4. Business Consulting Project for India Entry Strategy
Leading Agricompany
  1. Risk Modeling (Imputed Risk Model)
  2. Handling of basis risk
  3. Dashboard for combining price forecast and risk numbers for taking decisions
  4. Automated conversion ratios to view portfolio in meal and oil terms / instead of bean terms from risk perspective
Large Rubber Trading Co
  1. Spread Allocation module, built business logic in system
  2. Role wise access to traders and Risk Managers
  3. Entire system is built on Spread Trading Logic