Application Area


TransRisk architecture is built to use across the commodities and currencies. Being part of TransGraph consulting, our rich experience in commodity & currency research, Price consulting and Risk consulting over 10+ years positioned us uniquely over the competitors. We have created various demo editions to give first hand fell of TransRisk.

Demo Editions Industry Assets portfolio
Enterprise-edition Multi industry Agriculture: Palm, Sunflower, Soy, Coconut, PFAD, RSS 3,SMR 20, ISNR 20, Sugar, Grains, Dairy Non Agriculture: Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminium, lead, zinc, Packaging Currency: USD, INR,MYR,EUR,IDR,JPY,THB
Edible oils Crushing Lauric oil Palm, Sunflower, Soy oil, Soybean, Soymeal, Mustard Oil, Mustard Seed, Mustard Meal, Cotton seed, Ricebran, Coconut, PFAD, Palm Stearin
Plantation Trading Tyre SMR 20,ISNR 20,SIR 20,RSS 3,RSS 4,RSS 5, ISNR
Consumer Goods Vegetables oils, Speciality fats, Sugar, Grains, Dairy, Packaging
AutoMobile Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminium, lead, zinc, rubber, plastics
Multi industry (Treasury Dept) USD, INR,MYR,EUR,IDR,ZAR,BRL,CNY,JPY,GBP,THB

Demo can be customized based on the client requirements. Contact us to schedule a demo.