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Brief Profile
Company Name Transgraph Consulting Private Limited
Kind of company Research, Consulting, Software
Niche area Price Forecasting + Risk Management
Asset Class
  • Commodities & Currency
  • Global Spot, Derivative and OTC markets
  • Market analysis & Price Forecasting, Procurement advisory, Trading and Hedging
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Value Chain analysis
  • Hedge models, Risk Management Policy
  • Hedge Desk setup, Risk Consulting
  • Benchmarking studies
  • TransRisk – Risk management software
  • Mix of consulting services and software product
  • Automobile & Auto Component
  • Tyre Industry
  • Electrical & Winding wire
  • Construction
  • Alloy manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Dairy & Dairy products
  • Sugar & Sweeteners
  • Plantations
  • Crushing & Refining
  • Commodity trading
  • Packaging industry
  • Vegetable, Fruits & fruit pulp
Location Hyderabad, India
Established 2003
Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Nagaraj Meda
Main Brands TransGraph, TransRisk, Mentor Reports, MTMT
Number of Employees 85+
Number of analysts : 50
Clientele spread 30+ countries
Ongoing client base 70+
One time project client base : 210+

TransGraph Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Nagaraj Meda in 2003 with a strong belief and passion to provide price forecasting and risk management solutions to various companies in manufacturing, trading, refining and FMCG industry segments. TransGraph is focused in providing services to players who deal with commodities physically and having exposure to derivatives as part of its hedging activities. TransGraph's deliverables span from research reports, hedge modeling, drafting of risk management policy, customized procurement / trading / hedging strategies with support from focused and knowledgeable engagement managers to powerful risk management software - TransRisk.

TransGraph has 100+ active client base spanning across 28+ countries encompassing Auto & Auto Ancillary, FMCG, Trading, Metals, Mining & Petro-chemical industries. TransGraph's researchers and consultants are well respected in the market and a team of 100 people with 70+ post Graduates (Masters) in finance, economics, trading, risk management, statistics, agri-business, dairy, agriculture, marketing, business management are well trained to provide knowledge based decision enabling solutions to commodities industry. TransGraph's services basket enables the customers to put in place a proper system / process of 'what to do' (what price to buy/sell, which instrument to use for hedging, which hedge model, process and team structure to follow) and 'what not do' (what kind of limits, alerts, control process to follow).


To be the world leader in providing knowledge empowered decision enabling solutions to the commodity eco system.

  • Create simple, useful and comprehensive solutions with unique combination of research, consulting and Technology.
  • Establish a brand that is recalled for the benchmark industry practices, trusted delivery, innovative solutions and best return on investment.
  • Create an organization that will be known for its values in terms of professionalism, transparency, honesty and integrity.


The main business focus is on "Commodity Price Risk Management" covering over 30+ commodities encompassing the corresponding industries

Client Spread

TransGraph's reports are widely read, consulting services & software product are availed by leading corporates. Below map depicts the world wide reach of TransGraph.


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Brief Profile of TransRisk
Product of: TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd.
Product Name: TransRisk
Domain: Risk Management
Asset Classes: Commodities and Currencies
Instruments: Spot, forwards, futures, options, swaps, exotic structures
Brief Description: Automated position data aggregation from trading / ERP software Value at Risk (VaR) based Risk Management Framework Business Intelligence (BI) for Exposure and Risk Limits & Alerts; Stress testing / What-if analysis
Technology: ASP .Net 2.0, SQL Server, Browser-based, Modular Architecture
Delivery Model: SaaS and Installation



Our management team is a set of committed individuals who believe that extraordinary outcomes are the results of uncommon and inquisitive thinking and open collaboration. Our Management team is lead by Mr. Nagaraj Meda.

Mr. Nagaraj Meda - Chairman & Managing Director:

He is a Post Graduate in economics with specialization in International trade/finance from the University of Hyderabad (Central University) and has additional qualifications in the fields of technical analysis and portfolio management. Mr. Meda regularly contributes articles/opinions on the 'economics of various commodities' in newswires like Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and in daily newspapers like Financial Express, Business Line etc. He has presented 40+ papers at various international level conferences related to price forecasting, procurement and risk management of commodities. He has deep understanding of commodity price movements and has pioneered the development of TransGraph's price forecasting process "Mapping the Market Thought". With his all-round exposure to the functioning of commodity hedge funds and physical players, he is instrumental in bringing the best risk management practices of the funds / investment community to physical / user community. He believes in right proportion of 'price forecasting' and 'risk management' as success formula for managing large trading houses and large sourcing arms of big corporates.

Mr. Ravi Chandra Nutakki - Vice President, RiskManagement Solutions:

An MBA in Finance with over 13 years of experience in the commodity price forecasting and risk management domains. Mr. Ravi Chandra started his career as a technical analyst and became a successful fund manager and his practical trading experience in CBOT, CSCE, CME, LME and NYMEX futures and options markets brings immense value to TransGraph's customers. He has developed a technical indicator called AKKIN%NCN to monitor the crowd behavior and gauge the price direction in futures markets. He has been contributing comments and outlook on markets for various newswire like Dow Jones, Bloomberg etc. He worked in different roles from the day one of starting the company and was instrumental in creating the execution strengths of TransGraph. He is now handling the consulting client delivery and engagement. His experience on commodity markets coupled with his creativity in designing new processes helped the organization to maintain the operational efficiency and delivery the best and was instrumental in creating the ‘value’ and ‘decision enabling’ brands for the company.



Partnerships are always a key factor to any organization's success. We believe the networked world enables limitless possibilities, which has enabled us to build Partnerships based on a common vision, mutual trust, professional integrity, and ongoing mutual understanding.

When you partner with TransGraph, you partner with the industry's centre of excellence in commodity consulting and market risk management space. Our partner program provides clearly defined requirements and benefits, as well as a range of options. This means you can find a partnership arrangement that works best for your business. As a valued partner, you can also grow your business with access to our broad and growing customer base.

Partnering With TransGraph

There are 3 ways you can partner with us:

  1. Marketing Partnerships:
    1. For Price Forecasting Reports: Individuals / organizations with access to commodity players can sell our various Commodity and Currency Price Forecasting Reports.
    2. For Consulting Services: Individuals / organizations with access to medium / large commodity driven organizations can engage in coordinated selling of our Consulting (Price / Risk / Business Consulting) services.
    3. For Risk Management Software: Individuals / organizations with access to medium / large commodity driven organizations can engage in coordinated selling of software solution TransRisk, for meeting Market Risk Management requirements of clients.
    4. Value Proposition: Access to our deliverables, share in revenues. Access to our ever growing clientele.
  2. Strategic Partnerships:
    1. For Price Forecasting Reports: Organizations who would like to integrate our reports in their service / product to enhance the value proposition to their clients.
    2. For Consulting Services: Organizations who would like to outsource part / whole of their Consulting Assignments related to Commodities and co-execute the assignment (Price / Risk / Business Consulting).
    3. For Risk Management Software: Organizations who would like to integrate our Risk Management Solution, TransRisk, in their product / offering for meeting Market Risk Management requirements of clients.
    4. Value Proposition: Access to our deliverables and execution capabilities. Enriching your deliverables to provide a more comprehensive solution offering to your clients. Share in revenues, and access to our ever growing clientele.
  3. Technology Partnerships:
    1. For our services and product: Organizations who would like to integrate their product with our services / product. Our requirements cover a wide variety of possible associations, from price data, business intelligence, UI components, middleware products, etc.
    2. Value Proposition: Access to our ever growing clientele, sale of your solutions / services through our offerings.

Current Partners
Just Commodity Pte. Ltd is a Singapore based company that specializes in providing technology solutions to Plantation, Refiners, Exporters, Trading and Brokerage firms in the commodity industry.

Become a Partner
Interested in exploring a trusted business partnership (Marketing / Strategic / Technology) with us!!
Reach us at : mktg@transgraph.com
: +91-40-3340 4000