Rubber plantations are cantered in South East Asia with benchmark markets for risk management having in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Japan (TOCOM). Being plantation crop, rubber manufacturer are perianal long in their books. As the rubber productivity is depending on the congenial weather conditions, Rubber prices are seasonal in nature and volatile. Synthetic rubber competes to compliment the natural rubber on favourable spreads. Adding to these uncertainties, the demand of natural rubber is highly depend on the auto sector growth and economic activity.

TransRisk VaR algorithm is equipped to understand the above said commodity characters in order to quantify the market price precisely.

Being it is centrifugal latex, dipped goods or rubber sheets TransRisk can convert the underlying exposure to commodity exposure that can be hedged in exchanges or OTC structures based the business practices.

TransRisk effectively handles the basis contracts in rubber industry. Basis contracts between two physical assets with varied mapping price securities data add a feather to the crown.

Risk arising from the currencies can be viewed exclusively as a part of a vertical that is completely disjointed or may choose to have combined portfolio from the commodities vertical thereby enabling the distinct viewing and analysis of currency and commodity risks. There will be no need to invest on risk management software separately for currency.

Management Dash Board

A graphical as well as tabular view of the critical reporting aspects in a single shot along with the limit utilization of the generated alerts. A multipurpose dashboard with customization options to suit the never-ending and ever -changing business needs.

  1. Analyze quantities and risk profiles of open & closed positions counterparty party-wise
  2. Analyze quantities and risk profiles of positions due month-wise
  3. For different rubber products, change in total VaR & per ton VaR
  4. For different counterparties, Component VaR & Quantity along with change