Why TransRisk

Exposure, P&L and Risk under one roof

Most of the management discussions revolve around Exposure, Profitability and Risk in trading, procurement and risk departments. Best analytics are needed for any prudent decisions. TransRisk analytics comprises of these three important dimensions of management decisions with pre & post analytics.

Seamless data integration

Automatically takes the transaction data from your ERP / Trading / Legacy systems (or Excel for that matter), thereby removing all hassles of dealing with uploading transactions on a daily basis and gives more control over authenticity of data as well.

Risk Algorithms for Commodity Industry

We are a niche player in commodities research, price consulting and risk consulting and have evolved over a period of time to customize our Risk algos to suit commodity and currency portfolios.

Business Intelligence

This single solution not only takes care of the Risk Management needs, but also Data warehousing and BI needs as well. While Risk Managers will use it for both the purposes, top management / logistics / trading / back-office personnel might use it for BI purposes. Its Drill-downs and slice and dice features are most appreciated by our customers

Reporting Framework

A robust and flexible reporting framework allows you to customize the reports for management briefing and insights into decision making process backed up with empirical evidences

Automated Alerts

The system will generate and e-mail alerts automatically to relevant users as soon as it finds a breach or satisfies in any of the limits set in the system – whether the limits are for P&L, prices, trader’s quantity limits OR various VaR limits

Easy Simulations

The system allows users to define their own stress scenarios (huge drop in prices / sharp increase in volatilities / sagging correlations, etc.) so that traders and management are always aware of what a bad day in the market would look like to them, and can be better prepared for that as well. Helps pro-active (pre trade) risk management instead of re-active (post trade) management.

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Global Agri Trading company
  1. Multi-dimensional risk analysis leading to huge diversification benefit
  2. Option Analytics, Exotic Derivatives valuation
  3. Black Swan report – what if scenario builder enabled pro-active risk management
  4. Multi-commodity, complex portfolio handling
Leading Palm Player in Asia
  1. Risks management function across value chain
  2. System Study and Reports helped management realign profit centers and their objectives
  3. VaR on each counterparty enabled management to manage default risk arising from the price volatility.
Second largest Palm oil Co
  1. Basis risk from the Price To be Fixed (PTF) contracts
  2. Indirect currency risk
  3. Quick Implementation, smooth transition from legacy systems
Leading edible oil company
  1. Hedge desk set up for upstream & downstream businesses.
  2. Consulting Services Enterprise Risk Management.
  3. TransRisk with Exotic Derivatives enabled for Hedging and Risk Management.
  4. Business Consulting Project for India Entry Strategy
Leading Agricompany
  1. Risk Modeling (Imputed Risk Model)
  2. Handling of basis risk
  3. Dashboard for combining price forecast and risk numbers for taking decisions
  4. Automated conversion ratios to view portfolio in meal and oil terms / instead of bean terms from risk perspective
Large Rubber Trading Co
  1. Spread Allocation module, built business logic in system
  2. Role wise access to traders and Risk Managers
  3. Entire system is built on Spread Trading Logic