Press Releases

Have you come across an abnormal spike in your P&L movements? It could possibly due to bad data!!

In a survey conducted by BlackLine, “69% of respondents believe they or their CEO have made a significant business decision based on incorrect data”. And “40% of respondents attributed their lack of confidence in the accuracy of their figures to being overwhelmed by so many data sources”. This tell us when we are sceptical about the reports and the figures reported, we need an additional tool to authenticate them. We have armed TransRisk with a tool called “Trade Deviation Report” and steps like user configurable max. volatility allowed and min. data points required for VaR computation provide ammunition for this cause. As the name explains, “Trade Deviation Report” highlights the trades that are deviated from the user defined accepted deviation levels.

Why has my P&L changed from yesterday?

We all track the change in amount of P&L from yesterday, what if you a take step ahead and ask why there is a change? TransRisk answers your question, it shows how much your P&L is changed because of change in market prices? because of new trades? because of realization? etc. called as “P&L Attribution Report” that helps to understand the reasons for the change in your P&L.

Pivot tables are so appealing to us, want to experience the same for your exposures and risk in it?

Pivot tables helps to summarize/ aggregates thousands of transactions. This is the story we all know, but if you are in to market risk and aware of VaR! you also might know VaR is a non-additive measure. What if you can analyse your exposure and risk (VaR) from all possible combination of dimensions and measures? We have made a play book called “Pivot Report” for your risk and exposure analysis and this play book obliges all rules. “Regular Pivot table functionality that also addresses the non-additive nature of VaR”, meaning quick adoption for a deep dive analysis.That’s fun, isn’t it?

4) Do you know how important it is to consider Realized P&L along with VaR in risk management?

Do you know net worth of a company can be eroded quickly when the management ignores the fact that any unforeseen event can wipe out not just M2M P&L, but also realized P&L? Yes! One adverse event takes it all. To be prepared for such an event is by managing your risk, therefore to bring more visibility and gauge your risk vis-a-vis with your appetite/ risk capital, we have encompassed “Realized P&L” in to TransRisk. You can upload your realized/ closed transactions along with open transactions. Wondering, how to condense all this tracking of Realized P&L, M2M P&L, VaR etc. in to a single measure? We got you! “Risk adjusted Return” is the measure that will be in your diary from hereon for reinforcing your preparedness and yielding decisions.

Elegant and easy to read reports!!

We are bringing a new layout for the reports to make it more readable and relatable. For example, transactions pertaining to an asset class are listed just below it. Another glance would be an easy to interpret hierarchy structure in the report. With the help of new improvement in report layout, the average time spent by a daily user to read and interpret a report has come down by 20%. Splendid, isn’t it?

Have you wished for a tool to deal with multiple trades having same attributes?

We believe each minute of your time saved is an achievement as it helps you focus on nontrivial aspects of risk management. Now, user can leave the aggregation of the entries to TransRisk that are similar in all the aspects even when uploaded via a spreadsheet. TransRisk aggregates the positions in exposure data that is uploaded and also provides a trail on the actual positions that got aggregated.

We are future ready!! Are you?

We know it’s a continuous journey to keep up with the trends and adopt the more efficient environment to achieve incredible results. We have upgraded TransRisk to be compatible with next generation Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016.

PDF is the best document format to share your reports having sensitive data!!

We all know how important to protect sensitive reports from unintended audience, from manipulation and reports that are light on storage, easily accessible in any device and the world has already moved to reports that are in PDF format. Creating a PDF report from MS-excel (exported from the application) every time is a tedious task, with all the cell, text, margin and lay-out adjustments to be done for reports that vary heavily in the amount of data reported i.e. length and no. of measures reported i.e. breadth. To reduce the time wasted on such trivial stuff, we provide you with ready to use PDF report that can be exported from the application itself, all the beautification efforts are taken care for your reporting needs.

Ever wondered, any IT application help you to identify the most profitable stage of refining raw materials based on the refining margin?

Have you ever wondered, if refining my raw materials by incurring additional costs is really profitable? Or should I process or refine up to 2nd or 3rd level? If not, should I sell forwards/ futures to hedge? And what is each end product contributing in the bottom line? We bring you “Margin Analytics” in TransRisk, to help you to take informed decisions in your business operations and accurate hedge decisions like sell forwards/ futures etc.

We had a makeover to step on the red carpets!!

It’s our 15th anniversary, with high spirit and aspirations we bring you TransRisk in a total new avatar. Our designers and developers have brought some great features with the help of modular design architecture, contemporary CSS etc. this gave a total makeover to the user touchpoints to leave a long-lasting experience of touch and feel of the application. An overhaul of an entire architecture has improved the performance, response and navigation of the application vastly. You may feel ‘time travel does exist’!! and we are part of Sic Mundus!!

Buckle-Up, we are going super-sonic now!!

We know that you will be thrilled to hear that a multi-dimension report can be now created with 2.5X faster!! and an exposure cockpit now launches 3X faster from the previous! This is as thrilling as experiencing a sonic boom. The list doesn’t end here, there is no limitation on the no. of rules defined now and the rules engine is 3X faster, your dashboards now is 2.5X faster than the previous. Our engineers have put in some tremendous effort to improve the performance, as they say “never settle”.

Do you know how to factor in regime switching volatility in your Risk Capital?

Most of the assets switch to a different volatility regime, from a normal pattern to high levels or vice-versa. Ignoring this fact leads to an over or under estimating of VaR aka. risk capital. In-line with this fact, we developed a new VaR model that is well known as “Hybrid Historical Simulation” to compute your portfolio VaR that best represent the true trends observed and be prepared for an unforeseen event. And our back-testing results are very promising beating some of industry wide used VaR models.

All your “on the fly” Price Analytics reports can be saved now and also to re-use!!

Worried that all your ad-hoc “on the fly” workings/ selections/ computation settings in Price Analytics will be gone? We bring you a new functionality to save all your research and creative workings to revisit them and that’s not all, you can re-use this template settings for other dates too!

Do you know? each user can now enter their positions on-screen and upload multiple files in synchronous with other user’s positions! all these absolutely from GUI itself!

Imagine you have 3 persons who are responsible to load position data into system. But you are concerned of data duplication/ data loss/ manipulation as the data is flowing from 3 different locations/ departments/ trading desks. Need not worry, TransRisk now allows each user/ department/ profit centre create their own trades/ transactions either through an excel upload or in the system directly, lock and save it in their location before your Risk department trigger loading them by merging automatically representing the exposures at organization level. Utterly Butterly seamless!!

Are you trading or doing business in multiple currency? Relax! Composite Security in TransRisk converts your market price data to your reporting currency imbibing the Forex risk too!!

Users can now create a virtual commodity security called as composite security. It generates a price series in currency other than the native currency of a commodity security. It achieves this by combining a commodity security and a currency security. Changes in the base securities will be reflected in the composite security automatically. Interestingly, this security can be used for M2M and Risk calculations, this helps to capture currency risk as part of the commodity risk at the level of each position. Ingenious, isn’t it?

Position data can be now uploaded Incrementally!!

Users can now choose to upload their daily transaction data either incrementally or on snapshot basis even via a spreadsheet. By choosing incremental way of loading position data, user will load incremental transactional data/ only change in position data from the previous net exposure date and can leave the adjustments/ changes in the transactions to TransRisk.

Now you can save Multi Dimension Reports!!

Multi Dimension reports can now be saved for future reference and reporting’s. Thus, every time user need not wait to regenerate the report for same date. Once generated MD report can be saved and can be viewed again without performing any calculations. Thus, saving user time significantly for accessing the report and helps to jump start your analysis. That’s not all, user can re-use the saved MD report template with similar selections to generate a report for the data loaded for another future or a past date with a simple click.

What’s all the buzz about SQL server 2014? Did someone ask this?

Well! Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is all buzz in the market for its remarkable improvements and new features from the previous versions. The list is lengthy, but below are ground shaking improvements worth noting: 1) Enables memory optimizationfor high concurrency – an estimate of 20 times improvement in performance. 2) Buffer Pool Extensions for read-heavy OLTP workloads – approx. 10 times improvement in reports generation 3) Cleverly manage the amount of CPU and Memory allotted to specific workloads – helps to manage the priorities. 4) Can use advance encryption algorithms to encrypt database backups for improved data protection. Remarkable, isn’t it? We are migrating to SQL Server 2014 to leverage the new features and improvements.

Easy to define Access Controls

Now admin can limit the access to a node during the creation itself from Portfolio Creator. This helps to perform the admin responsibilities swiftly and avoiding any inadvertent delay in revisiting the access control policy, it also helps to avoid any possible breach.

A precise and categorical layout of all reports under single hood

Now Snap-shot report, Multi Dimension report, Trend report and calculations setting report are under single window categorised with grids representing respective report type. It’s not just that, now multi-dimensional report can be created from a snapshot report itself, by simply adding more dimensions from the same template.

TransRisk now on cloud

(July 2014)
TransRisk is now installed on cloud at a client place and offers its user’s access through a browser based risk management application. This is helping clients to manage administrative cost of maintaining the IT resources in local network. With more and more organizations moving towards the cloud based IT policy for the flexibility it offers, TransRisk supports cloud based Risk Management and can integrate with cloud and local systems without compromising the data security.

Portfolio creation much more easy now

(April 2014)
TransRisk has now come up with an improvised feature which empowers users to add new nodes under various dimensions such as profit centers, commodities, counterparties etc. in the master data list themselves. This gives a lot of flexibility to the users to create new portfolios / sub-portfolios based on the changing needs at client place. TransRisk automatically calculate the net exposures, P&L and VaR such measures for the newly created portfolios without any extra efforts.

Multiple verticals

(April 2014)
TransRisk can now support multiple verticals within the same instance so that a single application can work as different applications for different set of users in the same organization. A typical example will be Agri business division and metals divisions in a company. They will be able to use a single TransRisk licensed version with their own master data definitions for relevant profit centers, commodities, counterparties, traders etc. Also, data level security access if required can also be setup e.g. if upstream and downstream traders need not know positions of other divisions, this could be possible with the new feature.

Barrier and Digital options in your portfolio? Rely on TranRisk for valuations and risk reporting.

(Feb 2014)
Two more exotic instruments are added to arsenal of TransRisk VaR engine. Now, TransRisk handles exotic options like Digital & Barrier options for valuation and risk calculations. What is a Barrier option? - Barrier option is an exotic path dependent derivative instrument whose payoff depends on whether or not the underlying asset has reached or exceeded a predetermined price called barrier level that is set at the time of option initiation. There are different variants of a barrier option – knock-in, knock-out – both of these are supported in TransRisk What is a Digital Option? - A Digital Option is a type of option where the payoff is either some fixed amount or fixed quantity of asset if a certain condition is met or nothing at all. These are also called as binary options. There are different variants of a digital option – Cash, Asset & Gap - all of these are supported in TransRisk Advantage TransRisk – · If you have Digital/Barrier options in your portfolio, you can calculate VaR in TransRisk for different Digital/Barrier options. · Faster algorithms in TransRisk ensure speedy calculations and overall quick response time.

American Options

(Dec 2013)
Adding new capabilities is always exciting. Our in-house quantitative research group enabled the pricing algorithm for American Options in TransRisk’s VaR engine. This enables accepting American based options into a portfolio. Faster algorithms in TransRisk ensure speedy calculations and overall quick response time. American options, most popular type options are now supported in TransRisk for valuation and risk calculations


(Nov 2013)
New methodology, aimed at giving stable & more accurate Component VaR calculations, implemented in TransRisk. The new methodology supports linear as well as non-linear instruments and produces stable component VaR numbers by capturing statistical properties of individual trades price movements with respect to the portfolio Component VaR tells the effect on portfolio VaR by removing a position from it, is very useful in risk limits setting & capital allocation. Component VaR risk management report for different positions in the portfolio shows how individual trades or positions contribute the portfolio risk, and identifies those trades which act to hedge the remainder of the portfolio.

MVaR – Deeper risk insights into your portfolio

(Sep 2013)
Marginal VaR (MVaR) of an individual position / sub-portfolio is the sensitivity of portfolio VaR to the amount invested in the individual position / sub-portfolio. The marginal VaR measured for each change provides us with the amount of risk added to the entire portfolio by the given change. Apart from calculating regular VaR measures for a portfolios & sub-portfolios, TransRisk also added Marginal VaR calculations to its risk suite.

E-mailing reports – Secured way of getting authentic reports

(Sep 2013)
Sending authentic reports from TransRisk is now a click away. Exposure and Risk Reports can also be emailed to the desired emails ids as pdf or excel files. This saves a lot of time for risk managers and MIS managers while to generate a specific report and send it without any human intervention after publishing the report from TransRisk. Check to manipulation of data / report. TransRisk has the flexible and comprehensive reporting framework. User can create reports / report templates for quick regular usage.

GUI revamp

(Aug 2013)
TransRisk now has a revamped user interface which is cleaner, sleeker and more intuitive. The new interface has been developed after working with customers and incorporating their feedback with the objective to enhance user experience as well as better addressing of their needs. The new GUI comes with variety of choices for graphics to help visual aid and presentation of complex trend reports so that they are easy to read. It allows immediately taking data and producing variety of chart types including histograms, 2D and 3D bar charts, pie diagrams and many more. Apart from this, different modules of TransRisk have been grouped now more logically to make the navigation as well as features utilization much more efficient.

Data Quality Report – How good is your price data?

(Aug 2013)
VaR calculations being highly dependent on input price data, missing data points as well as common data points between different risk factors hold lot of significance. Different VaR methodologies extract different types of information from the available data hence the quality of underlying price data set for risk factors is a very important part of risk quantification. Data Quality Report is a unique offering from TransRisk that will enable risk managers to assess the quality of data in price securities in terms of their relevance and mutual overlap. For any combination of price securities, user can analyze the last data point for a security as well as common data points in last 30, 60 or 90 days. Users can define their own quality ratings to assess whether the data is good, average or bad. It will also help to understand whether changes in VaR levels are due to any changes in general levels of volatilities / correlations or it can be attributed to poor quality price data.

Retrigger computations in a click

(May 2013)
For a variety of reasons like wrong data inputs, data coming with a lag, wrong risk factors mapping etc , calculations need to be done again to take into effect the correct data setup settings. A new feature in TransRisk now saves a lot of time by allowing users to retrigger calculations for any past dates without having to search for the past dates position files/ running the ETL again for past date. With the option to select a date range for which retriggering is required, with minimum user intervention now past calculated data can be rectified in the system. Don’t worry; program intelligently identifies how to handle latest data while processing the past dates data.

Management Dashboard

(April 2013)
Dashboards in TransRisk an added jewel to our existing offerings. It synthesises critical business aspects in a manner that focuses attention on the key messages underlying the numbers. Drill down functionality is available to link the cause and effect relationship by delving into further details. These dashboards are highly customisable and you can create your own which will then be automatically updated as and when new data comes into the system. Management Dashboard is a powerful management reporting tool which equips top management as well as line managers with a full understanding of business performance indicators as well as the risk metrics. Regular reporting being it is internal or any compliance, the data is available on a click. The data is available in graphical and tabular formats.

Simulate revamp

(March 2013)
The Simulate module lets a User simulate scenarios involving various parameters from Prices to Correlations and assess the probable effect on Portfolio’s risk and P&L. Users can create and test what-if scenarios with both the exposure and the risk parameters to simulate innumerable situations – from highly likely to extremely unlikely Simulate module of TransRisk improvised for quicker calculations and more user friendly features as total flexibility to choose which sub-portfolios to be simulated so that more realistic scenarios could be created.

Derivative Valuation – Not an issue. TransRisk will do it for you.

(Feb 2013)
Derivative Valuation is an on the fly tool for valuation of derivatives which includes options, swaps & exotics. Instrument details required for valuation could either be provided in the screen as well as well as parameters of existing positions could be played with to understand the effect on valuations. Preparing for inputs of exotic derivatives is much more easy compare to the products available in the market. Other tools do requires lot of inputs such as volatility, average, maximum and minimum price etc. However, TransRisk effectively uses the existing information within the system and do all intermediate calculations that are necessary for pricing algorithm to compute. OTC contracts with multiple exercises can also be setup in this module to obtain the valuations and greeks.

Wilmar International chose TransGraph’s Risk Management System TransRisk to automate and help in Decision Analytics for Risk Management Function.

(November, 2011)
TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd, a leading Commodity Risk Management solutions company announced that Wilmar International limited has selected TransRisk to manage its market risk operations and decision analytics for Risk Management Singapore (November, 2011) – TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd, a leading Commodity Risk Management solutions company announced that Wilmar International limited has selected TransRisk to manage its market risk operations and decision analytics for Risk Management.

Wilmar International is Asia’s leading agribusiness group. One of the largest listed companies by market capitalization on Singapore Exchange. It’s business activities include palm-oil cultivation, oilseeds crushing, edible oils refining, sugar, specialty fats, oleo chemicals and biodiesel manufacturing and grains processing. Headquartered in Singapore, Wilmar has over 300 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia and some 50 other countries to support a well established processing and merchandising business. Wilmar also manufactures and distributes fertilizers and owns a fleet of vessels. The Group is backed by a multi-national staff force of more than 88,000 people.

TransRisk, is the only Multi Dimensional Market Risk management solution dedicated for commodities industry. TransRisk is chosen after stringent evaluation and testing. Wilmar has operations in number of geographies, presence in number of commodities across the value chain, and it is of strategic importance for Wilmar to manage Commodity and Currency risk effectively and in timely manner. Also the kind of specific commodity operations, complex contracts and business scenarios that emanates makes Risk Management function quite challenging and complex for Wilmar. TransGraph successfully demonstrated the robustness, scalability and parameterization capability to Wilmar and of its suitability for them.

Mr. Nagaraj Meda, MD, TransGraph opines that the solution will help Wilmar International to quantify the risk from various dimensions like profit center, shipment month, commodity etc and implement the best risk management practices and help them effectively manage optimal risks for a public limited company. This is a testimony for TransRisk as best of breed solution for Palm Industry with leading players like Wilmar, Asian Agri , Golden Agri international and Good Hope group choosing TransRisk.

About TransGraph
TransGraph Consulting is a pioneer in commodity ‘Price Risk Management solutions’ and ‘Market Analysis & Price Outlook’ services. Its knowledge based decision enabling services are widely used by clients spread across the industries like commodity trading, manufacturing, FMCG, oil and oilseed, metals and mining, automobile etc. TransGraph’s strength and expertise lies in the areas of ‘price forecasting’,’ risk management’ and ‘value chain analysis’. TransGraph’s flagship risk management software TransRisk enables commodity trading companies to quantify the risk, implement risk management policy and implement customized hedge dash boards.

Asian Agri chooses Just Commodity’s CTRM System to streamline and seamlessly integrate their business processes and manage operational risk.

(September 1, 2009)
TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd, a leading Commodity Consulting and Risk Management solutions company along with its partner Just Commodity Software Solutions, the leading solution provider of Commodity Trading in South East Asia, announced today that Asian AgriSingapore (September 1, 2009) – TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd, a leading Commodity Consulting and Risk Management solutions company along with its partner Just Commodity Software Solutions, the leading solution provider of Commodity Trading in South East Asia, announced today that Asian Agri, has selected TransRisk and ContraXcentral™ to manage its commodity operations, market and operation risk.

Asian Agri is one of the major players in palm oil plantations and trading in Southeast Asia. Its downstream activities include refining and manufacturing of edible oil products.Ranked as one of Asia’s largest primary producers of crude palm oil (CPO), Asian Agri manages a total of 160,000 hectares of oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia (including 60,000 ha in partnership with smallholders under the Plasma/KKPA schemes) and 19 palm oil mills with a production capacity of more than one million tonnes of CPO annually. Downstream, Asian Agri operates four refineries processing CPO into end-products.

Believing that production and use of palm oil must be done in a sustainable manner based on economic, social and environmental viability, PT Inti Indosawit Subur, a member of the Asian Agri family, is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a global multi-stakeholder initiative that promotes growth and use of sustainable palm oil.

TransRisk, a market risk management solution provides Asian Agri with a robust, customizable and stable commodity risk management solution. It derives net exposures based on the business process and allows users to have single accurate, view of exposures, mark to market P&L and Value-at-Risk (VaR) cross the organization, thereby bettering the synchronization of business strategies, addressing internal audit requirements in managing risk and compliance.

Mr.Nagaraj Meda, MD, TransGraph opines that the solution will help Asian Agri to identify and mitigate market risk through slicing and dicing the commodity portfolio risk and users are able to view the risk in various dimensions ensuring timely placement of limits based on alerts and having better control and timely intervention.

The complete solution will benefit Asian Agri through better control and decision support centering around Operational and Market Risk Management as the primary focus” says Mr. Joel Lou, EVP, Business Development and Director of Just Commodity.

ContraXcentral™ is developed to improve efficiency, allowing users to focus on their core competencies. By identifying areas which require the consolidation of information, ContraXcentral™ intelligently creates reports and alerts based on information. Data is thus communicated accurately, keeping mistakes and eliminating time-consuming errors.

About TransGraph Consulting

TransGraph Consulting is a pioneer in ‘Market Analysis & Price Outlook’ and ‘Price Risk Management’ services and providing knowledge based decision enabling services to clients spread across the globe. TransGraph strength and expertise lie in the areas of Price Analysis and Forecasting, Statistical Analysis & Econometric Modeling, Risk Analysis, Quantification and Mitigation, Value Chain Assessment, Trading Advisory, Procurement and Supply Chain Metrics, and Risk Management Software solutions.

JustCommodity Software Solutions and TransGraph Consulting partner to market a complete Commodities Trading and Risk Management solutions.

(August 1, 2009)
TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd, a leading Commodity Consulting and Risk Management solutions company based out of India has partnered with Just Commodity Software Solutions Pte Ltd, a leading Commodity Trading Solution provider in South East Asia for (August 1, 2009) –TransGraph Consulting Pvt Ltd, a leading Commodity Consulting and Risk Management solutions company based out of India has partnered with Just Commodity Software Solutions Pte Ltd, a leading Commodity Trading Solution provider in South East Asia for implementing a comprehensive Commodity Trading and Risk Management Solutions for commodity trading, processing and manufacturing companies.

Seamless integration of Just Commodity’s flexible Commodity Trading and Operational Risk Management system “ContraXcentral”, with “TransRisk”, a market risk management solution will provide 360 degree view of operations, maximizes operational efficiencies, optimizes returns, quantify risks using VaR framework, implement various hedge and risk models, simulate risks and scenarios.

These two systems will empower end to end transaction management, business intelligence through decision making dashboards.

Just Commodity and TransGraph aim to collaborate and bring the best business practices in trading, business processes to organizations globally with quick turnaround to deliver a complete “best of breed” solution.

“We are geared to provide a world-class solution with a lower TCO for the industry. Our partnership with Transgraph clearly gives us an edge to focus on our core competencies which are Contract Management and Operational Risk just to name a few. We are set to craft new standards in the CTRM domain”. Said Mr. Joel Lou, EVP, Business Development and Director of JustCommodity.

Mr.Nagaraj Meda, Chairman and Managing Director of TransGraph Consulting expressed: “We are proud to be associated with Just Commodity for implementing our Risk Management Solution to our clients. Based on @Risk framework, a widely accepted global standard for measuring and decomposing risk, TransRisk, a decision-enabling Business Intelligence tool helps measure and manage risk. Our partnership with JC vouches the fact that in the current volatile global commodity markets, organizations need to have a comprehensive Trading and Risk Management solutions for optimizing their operations and manage their risks effectively.

About Just Commodity

JustCommodity is by far the leading provider of business solutions and professional services focused in the commodities sector, with particular emphasis on Soft and agricultural commodities.

JustCommodity has the expertise and the software solution to help organizations make the right moves. With its keen understanding of commodity trading needs, JustCommodity’s core product, ContraXcentral™, offers a full suite of modules, which can be effectively implemented into many key workflow processes.